Sunday Edition: The Misunderstood Role of Stock Dividends

In Today’s reprint of Thomas’ Rebel Income newsletter ($1,164 annual subscription), he discusses the often overlooked but incredibly important role dividends play in your overall returns.   As you’ll see, over the last 25 years, $1 invested in 1990 has grown to almost $10 today including dividends. Whereas that same $1 without dividends has only grown to $6. That’s a… Read More »Sunday Edition: The Misunderstood Role of Stock Dividends

Dividend Aristocrats: Should You Buy?

Stock picking amid dividend aristocrats should give even better results. Dividend aristocrats come from recession-proof industry sectors. PE ratios vary from 11 to 155 and dividend yields from 0.4% to 6.5%. Introduction A company receives the title of ‘dividend aristocrat’ when it has continuously increased its dividend for the last 25 or more years. This… Read More »Dividend Aristocrats: Should You Buy?