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When traditional sources of income in retirement no longer reliably yield enough money to live off of, retirees don’t have a lot of alternatives that can be a safe source of income. Go back into the workforce? Downsize by selling-off assets and belongings? Depend on their children for support?
Why do any of that? Why not put what you’ve already saved for retirement to work for you in a way that most people don’t think to? Why not be a little rebellious about earning more in retirement? You’re likely thinking “sure, but how?”
We’ve got an unexpected answer for you: trading options. Yes, options. Most investors are afraid of options, but they don’t know what we know, and that is that if you understand how to trade options in a safe way, they can generate more income than traditional fixed-income investing sources used to under normal market conditions. And guess what? Options remain a great income generating source even when the economy isn’t doing its best.
Rebel Income is a subscription-based income system available to Investiv Inner Circle members that will teach you how to use options—and a handful of other trading strategies—to generate the kind of income that enables you to live better in retirement for years to come.
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Retirement Revival also puts special focus on teaching readers to earn more in retirement with uncommon strategies used by the biggest and best banks and hedge funds, so that you can start building your wealth faster and smarter.
This monthly newsletter is written by one of Investiv’s best analysts, and is sure to prove its value after just the first month.
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The US stock markets are now more expensive than at any other time in history, including the 1929 top that preceded The Great Depression as well as the Subprime market top. In order to protect and grow your wealth in this environment, you must identify companies that are trading cheap (buy low) and have a catalyst to propel them higher (sell high), but also provide a large margin of safety.
These kinds of companies have been advocated by the best investors in the world, including Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, and Warren Buffett.
Champagne Stocks seeks to identify US based companies (primarily) trading at a deep discount to their true intrinsic value, and that have fallen out of favor or are experiencing a cyclical downturn, but that, according to our analysis, are on the cusp of reversing trend and increasing in value.
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